About the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy

The Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy is a non-profit collaboration of doctors and researchers interested in the effects of thyroid function on pregnancy and child development. Currently, the consortium consists of over 50 individual representing 20 cohort studies with data on thyroid function during pregnancy. Currently, there are 5 ongoing studies on various clinical outcomes using the dataset that comprises individual participant data of roughly 50.000 pregnant women and their children. The consortium is open access, and those interested in collaborating, sponsoring or performing studies are more than welcome to contact us.

Current members of the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy as of November 2018:


Executive Committee
Tim I.M. Korevaar, Coordinator
Robin P. Peeters, Generation R
Peter N. Taylor, ALSPAC
Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Danish cohort
Elizabeth Pearce, VIVA
Eila Suvanto, NFBC 1986
Tuija Männistö, Finnish Maternity Cohort
Victor Pop, HAPPY study
Monica Guxens, INMA
Lida Chatzi, RHEA
Bijay Vaidya, EFSOCH
Suzanne Brown, Western Australia
Xuemian Lu, China 

Rima Dhillon-Smith, University of Birmingham


General members of the Steering Committee:
Scott Nelson, MD, ALSPAC
Farkhanda Ghafoor, Pakistani cohort
Juha Auvinen, MD, NFBC 1986
Sofie Bliddal, MD, Danish cohort
Abel Lopez Bermejo, GIRONA study, Spain
Laura Boucai, Chile
Tanja Vrijkotte, ABCD cohort 
Margreet Meems, HAPPY study
Christian Delles, Glasgow data
Sachiko Itoh, Hokkaido
Aya Hisada, Japan
Polina Popova, Russia
Liangmiao Chen, China


Scientific advisory board: 
Erik K. Alexander, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA
Layal Chaker, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands & Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Boston, USA

For general information on thyroid function during pregnancy click here.